Yes, but the iPad 1 is no longer supported by ForeFlight. What this means is that you will not be able to use any version of ForeFlight newer than ForeFlight mobile version 5.5.2. This is because the iPad 1 can not be operated on an iOS newer than iOS version 5.1.1.

Because the iPad 1 is limited to ForeFlight version 5.5.2, you will not have many of the newer features of ForeFlight Mobile, including:

  • Attitude indicator / Synthetic Vision
  • Pack
  • Sync
  • Terrain Profile View
  • Amending, Canceling, Activating and Closing flight plans
  • Weight & Balance
  • Track Logs
  • WAC Charts
  • Refined User Interface
  • Annotations Refinements
  • Improved Flight Planning Performance
  • NOTAM Advisor on Plates
  • MOS Weather
  • ForeFlight Connect
  • Enhanced ScratchPad
  • Winds Aloft by Altitude on Map

You can see the Version History information page for more details.

Due to what you would be missing, we recommend updating to a newer iPad to get the latest and greatest ForeFlight has to offer and to benefit from a much more fluid and enjoyable experience with all your apps.

If you need to install ForeFlight Mobile on your iPad 1, please see our iPad 1 installation instructions.