The chart data downloaded for the regions you do not have currently selected to update each month, will be downloaded and stored for this chart cycle only. Weather, Fuel and NOTAMs expire well within 24-hours and are flushed out when new data arrives, either via ADS-B in the cockpit, or the next time the device is connected to the Internet.

One caveat, however, is that charts that were downloaded using pack, when the cycle has rolled over, will show as expired in the download section. To remove them, tap More -> Downloads -> Delete -> Delete Expired.

Another great new feature in ForeFlight Mobile v7 is the separation in the download section of the “Packed and Unselected Regions” listing from the subscribed regions. When pack downloads new charts over a route of flight, out of the area of coverage you normally download to your device, the Downloads list will show:

> Packed and Unselected Regions
2 downloaded

> Texas
8 downloaded

If you’re really tight on space, it’s an easy matter now to swipe the “Packed and Unselected Regions” line from right to left and then tap on the “Delete” button that pops-up. That will selectively delete the pack specific downloads if you like, at the end of your flight.

Lastly, if you see a state that you want to ‘save’ from the Packed and Unselected Regions list, you can add that state or region to your download list (More -> Downloads -> United States, etc.), and it will move from Packed and Unselected to the monthly update list, automatically.