ForeFlight Mobile v7.3 Now Available

ForeFlight 7.3 is now available in the App Store.

ForeFlight Mobile Enhancements:

  • ForeFlight Connect integration with Garmin Avionics
    • NEW Two-Way Flight Plan Transfer to/from GNS and GTN Series
  • Flight Stream 210 support for built-in AHRS
    • Provides pitch and bank for ForeFlight’s Synthetic Vision
  • Garmin GDL-84 and GDL-88 Compatibility
    • Brings GDL Series ADS-B Traffic Information in to ForeFlight
    • Displays GDL Series ADS-B Weather on ForeFlight as well
  • Bluetooth Paring to Garmin Flight Stream
    • Connects via Bluetooth instead of WiFi

Eric’s Release Summary Notes:

  • ForeFlight Mobile 7.3 completes the Garmin Avionics integration announced at Oshkosh.
  • If you own an airplane with a Garmin GNS-430W / 530W or GTN-650 / 750, for $995 + installation, you can create a flight plan on your iPad, upload it to the panel and go fly. 
  • Changes made to your flight plan, during flight, and made in the panel cause ForeFlight to automatically prompt you to download the flight plan changes back to your iPad, keeping you in-sync as you fly.
  • For Two-Way Flight Plan transfers to work you’ll need to buy and install the $995 Garmin Flight Stream 210 and have it installed in your panel. (See: )
  • This combination eliminates the need for the portable Stratus unit and provide a stronger and more reliable GPS and ADS-B signal because it uses the externally installed antennas to bring the signal in to the cockpit.
  • If you already own a Stratus 2 or 2S, however, keeping it charged up and available can serve as a battery powered, emergency backup, should you loose all electrical power in-flight.
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