ForeFlight Mobile v7.2 Now Available

ForeFlight 7.2 is now available in the App Store.

ForeFlight Mobile Pro Enhancements:

  • Weight & Balance profiles added to Sync
    • Allows you to create a W&B profile on one device and sync to all
  • Graphical Flight Notifications
    • An enhancement to the previous text only alerting
    • Thumbnail graphics for with each alert enhance situational awareness when preparing for conditions along your route
  • Enhanced Global Winds Aloft detail
    • The forecast window is now every three hours globally
    • Every hour over North America, Europe and Australia
    • Provides more accurate performance calculations

Apple Watch Enhancements:

  • ForeFlight Mobile 7.2 continues to improve it’s Apple Watch support
    • Adds a new Airports page with up to 30 airports viewable
      • Adds three selectable tabs: Nearby, Recents and Favorites

Eric’s Release Summary Notes:

  • ForeFlight Mobile 7.2 is the pre-Airventure release, adding several key enhancements to the Pro version of ForeFlight Mobile.
  • For all pilots, the enhancements to the Global Winds Aloft layer will greatly improve the fuel burn and time estimates used by ForeFlight Mobile in route planning.
  • Enhancements to the Apple Watch are always welcome. ForeFlight’s commitment to the Watch platform is leading the way, making the Apple Watch an increasingly important tool in the pilot’s arsenal.
  • 7.2 features will be incorporated into all the training courses available through The Modern Pilot.
  • If you are not yet a pro subscriber, there are now even more reasons to upgrade. Add Pro to your subscription today by clicking on this link:  App Store
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