ForeFlight Mobile v7.1 Now Available

ForeFlight 7.1 is available now in the App Store.

More ADS-B Connectivity Options:

  • ForeFlight Connect adds support for FreeFlight’s RANGR ADS-B solutions. And new weather imagery gives you amazing new insight on conditions affecting your flight.
  • The RANGR Wi-Fi Module connects your iPad or iPhone with RANGR devices equipped with ADS-B In for display of weather and traffic on ForeFlight Mobile. The GPS signal from the RANGR device also provides a position source for features such as the moving map.

New Weather Imagery Collection:

  • Eight new weather products include contoured Ceiling and Visibility forecasts, Convective Forecasts, and Precipitation Forecasts
  • Eight existing ones are enhanced with greater resolution of altitude and/or time.
  • New support for pilot workflow with a logical ordering of products from the big picture to the details
  • Better with selection of recent/favorite weather products on both iPads and iPhones.

Improvements to the Delta Downloads System:

  • Pilots can manage charts both individually and grouped by State or Province.

Bug Fixes:

  • Route and procedure preview fixes.
  • Fixed a crash on waypoint insert

Eric’s Release Summary Notes:

  • The major change in this release is the overhauled Imagery section.
  • 8 new weather products are included which extend the forecast graphics period up to 7-days.
  • My favorite new category GFS MOS (Ceiling and Visibility Forecasts). This ties in with the MOS (Model Output Statistics) forecast product introduced previously. See the Imagery section of our ForeFlight training course, for more details.
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