ForeFlight Mobile v7.0 Now Available

ForeFlight 7.0 was released today, which is available now in the App Store.New Features Summary:1) Redesigned, powerful new Procedure Advisor, which enables visual preview or SIDs, STARs, approaches, and pattern entries.

2) Delta Downloads – Delta, meaning differences in this case, will drastically increase the speed of downloads by only downloading what has changed between downloads. File sizes are reduced as well, further speeding up the previously lengthy download process.

3) Chart Touch – view the margin information on VFR sectional charts and IFR enroute charts. Chart Touch also toggles between chart layers to uncover symbols previously blocked by the chart stitched on top.

4) Cabin Altitude Advisor – Barometric sensors, built into the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and iPad Air 2 alert the pilot when the cabin pressure decreases at an unacceptable level, for altitudes above 12,500 MSL.

5) ForeFlight Web – During Sun ‘n Fun in Lakeland, Florida, ForeFlight announced ForeFlight Web, a new web based flight planner. Sign up for an invitation-only beta program at:

Detailed Release Information:

View the Blog Posting here:  ForeFlight Blog

View ForeFlight’s 7.0 video here:  YouTube Video

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