ForeFlight Mobile v7.0.1 Available Today

ForeFlight 7.0.1 was released today, which is available now in the App Store.New Features/Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue when using procedure previews while connected to Stratus
  • Improved the depiction of certain SID/STAR routes depicted in Procedure Advisor
  • Improved the automatic selection of waypoints that have the same identifier in different regions
  • Performance and stability improvements for Apple Watch
  • Fixed an issue where the best wind badge would appear on certain approaches incorrectly
  • SkyView connectivity enabled for Basic and Pro subscribers

Eric’s Release Summary Notes:

  • This update is primarily a bug-fix release, tweaking some of the new features that were released in 7.0 (Procedure Advisor and previews, Apple Watch support, etc).
  • Dynon SkyView users can now connect and communicate with their panel without having to upgrade to ForeFlight Pro, as before.
  • Apple Watch support has been improved but no changes to the interface or functions in this version from the previous release.
  • Recommendation: Download and upgrade your ForeFlight Mobile to 7.0.1 now, using the link below.
Click to update from App Store